The Power of Toter Tilt Trucks

//The Power of Toter Tilt Trucks

The Power of Toter Tilt Trucks

How do you dump a dozen garbage bins full of trash without having to take a dozen trips? What if you had supplies that needed to get to different areas of the shopping mall or factory, how would you move them? Well, you’d need a tilt truck right? Yes; the tilt truck is the perfect solution for all your logistic needs.

A solution ideal for any setting

Tilt trucks are designed for use in different set ups. They are ideal for any industrial, commercial and institutional setting be it a manufacturing facility, a shopping center, university, hospital, convention center, stadium and what have you. Ideally speaking, you can use the trucks to collect, transport and dispose of waste and recyclables throughout a facility or even at your home.

Get a customized solution

The Toter brand is one of a kind renown for building the best tilt trucks around. These tilt trucks are built using state-of-the-art technology which results in a product that’s both durable and flexible to use. As a homeowner you don’t have much to worry; you’ll get one small enough to take care of your waste and recycling needs.

Municipalities and companies providing curbside and recycling collection solutions also benefit from this product. Did you know that there 6 gallons sizes you can chose from depending on your capacity? Toter tilt trucks come in 24, 32, 35, 48, 64 and 96 gallon sizes available in 9 granite and 5 standard colors. As is evident, whatever you want, you can be guaranteed of a customized solution.

Get peace of mind

Toter carts are durable and are designed to handle a lot of extreme action. Where else will you find a 10 year guarantee on a tilt truck? Once you have bought one, you can get peace of mind regarding longevity. As if that were not goo enough, you may get customized bear tight carts, front end load containers and a variety of specialty tilt trucks for e-waste management, medical waste etc.

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