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Product Lines

With an extensive range of services and capabilities, it is only natural that we have a wide range of standard and custom products available to offer our customers. Below is our standard product line. If you have special needs or want something completely original, we can work with you to design and build your custom product.

Commercial Waste Handling Products

If you are looking for affordable yet sturdy recycle bins for the office or factory, your search ends here. Appalachian Machine offers a range of waste recycling equipment, including containers, garbage cans, recycle bins and more. These compact and fire-safe containers have been manufactured to meet all your waste handling, waste management and recycling needs.

These trash carts and commercial recycling containers are a convenient and functional choice for malls, airports, auditoriums as well as factories and offices of all sizes.  Here at Appalachian Machine, we offer a wide variety of recycling containers and industrial garbage cans that are spacious enough to serve their purpose as public-space and municipal recycling containers as well.

We can work with you to customize these pieces in a convenient and cost-effective package that serves all your waste management and disposal requirements. All our products are made to last, manufactured from high quality sturdy materials. Get in touch with us today for convenient and cost-effective recycling products in a variety of sizes, designs and specifications.

Lift Units

We’ve been designing and building outstanding lift units since 1974 and can easily add safety features as needed to customer units. All of our units are painted with Sherman Williams Safety Yellow unless another hue is requested. We also provide powder coating (recommended for outdoor applications) as an additional option. New combo lift units are available and designed to dump any ANSI-standard, 32 to 96 gallon two-wheel cart. All combo units have been thoroughly tested and approved.

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Commercial Waste and Recycling Containers, Carts & Bins

Our Toter® industrial waste and recycle containers are made using an advanced process known as ‘rotomolding’ which eliminates voids and makes a stronger product. Each model is “designed tough,” with options including 48, 64, and 96-gallon Toter® cans, high-speed mobile carts from 1 to 4 cubic yards, tilt trucks, and mobile trucks of assorted sizes from 1/2 to 1-1/2 cubic yards. Toter® carts and cans are renowned as the most durable options in the industry, and easily last 15 to 20 years. Most injection-molded carts last 10 years or less. We build and powder coat their frames, axles, and hardware here in Dublin, Virginia using quality materials to make sure you get a product that works right today and lasts into the future.


Please call us for volume pricing on any Toter brand products.


See Toter’s website for all of their products, as a Master Distributor we can provide anything you need.

Fixtures, Racks, Tools & Gauges

Our machine shop supplies fixtures and gauges to all types of manufacturing facilities including Volvo, Iron Form, Fontaine Modification, MOOG, Norfolk Southern Railroad, James Hardie, Yokohama, Pepsi & Gatorade. A wide variety of clients has given us the experience to feel confident addressing almost any requirement. 35 years in business has provided us the ability to produce a wide range of GO NO/GO Gauges from your smallest to your largest. We are always ready to supply your needs. Let us help you design and build the fixtures or gauges you need for your business.


Agricultural Equipment Design, Manufacture and Sales

When we say we cater to a variety of industries, we mean it. Our manufacturing efforts include services to agriculture, and we’re always excited to design a fantastic new product. Farming equipment options include rear hay spears, front bucket hay spears, and Bobcat brush grabbers. We also design and build conveyer systems for client-specific applications of all scopes.