Industrial Applications of Powder Coating and Painting Services

//Industrial Applications of Powder Coating and Painting Services

Industrial Applications of Powder Coating and Painting Services

Simply put, industrial powder coating involves painting a surface with powder paint using specialized equipment.

This equipment, i.e. the powder coating guns make the paint adhere to the surface being painted by transmitting the paint with an electrical charge.

Blog 1Once that surface is covered completely with paint, it is cured by being heated extensively.

This makes the paint liquefy as the surface is covered with a smooth, uniform layer of paint. Once cooled, the surface is left with a strong, durable finish that is completely resistant to UV, blistering, oxidation and even scratches.

Commercial Uses for Powder Coating Paint

Here at Appalachian Machines, we know that businesses face new and more challenging situations every day. And in the current fast-paced manufacturing and industrial arena, new and replacement parts are needed often. In addition to our machining and manufacturing engineering solutions, we also offer a powder coating and painting services to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Powder coating offers businesses an economical and durable finish for their products and model parts for their machinery. This means that they get to enjoy a service that makes their metal surface more resistant to fading, scratching and chipping. And to top it all off, the colors stay brighter for longer.

Other Applications of Our Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is very well suited for a variety of other uses, for example in architectural industry. The aluminum composites commonly used can suffer when exposed to weather. Powder coating painting services can make them resistant to inclement weather and chalking, significantly enhancing the durability of these parts.

It is important to note here that our powder coat metal finishing solutions are an environmentally friendly finishing process.

Our technicians can also work with personalized powder coating services for one-off bespoke projects. No project is too big or too small at Appalachian Machines. Whether you are a hot rod aficionado, or an avid metal sculptor, we can help with project-level powder coating solutions. Call on us to create the perfect metal coating with a thorough attention to detail you won’t find elsewhere.

Here at Appalachian Machines, we strongly feel that when it comes to protecting your metal machinery parts, powder coating is much superior to paint and is a great choice in terms of affordability and quality. Call us at (540) 674-1914 or email at to learn more!

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