The Exciting Abilities of Modern Laser Cutting Machines

//The Exciting Abilities of Modern Laser Cutting Machines

The Exciting Abilities of Modern Laser Cutting Machines

Fabrication shops process huge amounts of metal parts every day, and it is only natural for fabrication companies to search for ways to get through the jobs with as little handling as possible.

Modern laser cutting equipment has made it easier than ever to produce metal products with exacting specifications, in the shortest amount of time possible. With batch processing capabilities, and high-tolerance services delivered quickly, laser cutting machines have pretty much revolutionized fabrication shop operations.

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2D laser-cutting technology brings us CO2 and fiber 2D laser machines.  Whether the need of the day is thinner plates made at high speeds, or heavier plates and a more robust, rugged performance, these laser cutting machines provide it all.

These capabilities are a cost-effective solution for fabrication shops, while also giving them unprecedented high-variation job capabilities.

In fact, the metal fabrication experts at Appalachian Machines are convinced that fiber laser has helped them get all the way down to the quarter of thickness for the materials when it comes to the hole-making capabilities of laser-cutting machines. Additionally, with fiber laser cutting, fabricators can now also avoid plasma production. A fiber-generated beam has wavelength of 1.064 microns; on the other hand a CO2 -generated beam offers a wavelength of 10.6 microns.

The development of 3D laser-cutting machines promises to radically reduce the time it took for many applications cut using the traditional methods. These machines have the power to quickly and efficiently laser-cut tubes, formed parts, spun parts, bevel cuts of flat components and other high-value laser cut parts.

What Metals Can Be Laser Cut?

The simple answer: Pretty much every single one!

Laser cutting machines, whether powered by advanced fiber lasers or traditional CO2 lasers, can efficiently cut through metal plates and sheets of different grades. These can be stainless steel, titanium, copper, bronze or brass, aluminum or any of their alloys.

The Balance between Speed and Quality

The metal fabrication department at Appalachian Machines boasts of a fully-enclosed MAZAK laser cutting machine, and it can achieve some amazing feats.

As machining experts with more than 100 years of collective experience behind them, the professional machinists at Appalachian Machines can do remarkable things with metal. To top it off, they deliver consistency, and quality for all metal fabrication shop orders. Get in touch with them via the website to learn more about the laser cutting and metal fabrication capabilities of Appalachian machines.

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