Customize Your Agricultural And Farming Equipment As Per Your Needs!

//Customize Your Agricultural And Farming Equipment As Per Your Needs!

Customize Your Agricultural And Farming Equipment As Per Your Needs!

Here at Appalachian Machines, our number one goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients. This means providing machining, fabrication, welding and finish services to the best of our abilities. Since we are situated in such a diverse location, we serve a variety of business and machining needs. Chief among our clientele: the farmers!

Blog 3Agricultural and farming equipment needs to be able to innovate and improve with time. As the demands for reliable food sources increases, so does the need for high quality equipment to help harvest and process agricultural products quickly. It is important for farmers to reduce the time to market, and that means continuously improving upon their equipment to ensure that all their goals are met.

We manufacture high quality metal parts and weld assemblies for agricultural equipments across the board. Our technicians have a reputation for providing tactical services that promise superior parts, performance and service. You can count on our machining and manufacturing processes to produce components swiftly.

Agricultural Equipment Fabrication

Our machine shop, fabrication shop and the entire manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced fabricating, assembly and finishing apparatus. And to ensure the effectiveness of our end-product, we also offer comprehensive project management that includes: product development, fabricating, welding and finishing solutions that ensure your complete peace of mind.

Whether your farming equipment needs complex new weldments, or light fabrication, you can count on us to finish the job with expertise, and to your complete satisfaction. So far we have worked on the following agricultural machines.

  • Combines
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Harvest equipment
  • Tractors
  • Sprayers
  • Trailers,
  • Fertilizer spreaders

When selecting machining services for agricultural equipment, it is important that you work with a fabrication shop that is known for high quality manufacturing services. After all the health of your business might depend on the strength of the weld of your farming equipment!

We understand the strict expectations of the agricultural industry and work in line with your requirements to deliver a superior product. You can rest assured, the end-product will be the highest possible quality.

Let Us Help You Find A Machine That Fits Your Needs!

When you work with Appalachian Machines, there are no limits to the fabrication possibilities. Call us today to talk about customized equipment and other fabrication ideas that you may have! Please get in touch by phone at (540) 674-1914 or by email at

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