Your Appalachian Machine Shop: CNC Milling Machines for Superior Quality Parts and Components

//Your Appalachian Machine Shop: CNC Milling Machines for Superior Quality Parts and Components

Your Appalachian Machine Shop: CNC Milling Machines for Superior Quality Parts and Components

A majority of custom machinery parts are made on CNC machines.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. These machines offer a high degree of accuracy to technicians ensuring that the resulting metal products are made quickly and dependably. Over the past few years CNC machines have become quite common. However, not many can match the expertise and professionalism in operating these, as Appalachian Machines does.

Most people don’t know how important the results of CNC technology are, and the impact these have on our everyday lives. There is abMetal CNCsolutely no aspect of our well-machined lives that doesn’t utilize products made from CNC machines. Cars, planes, trains, household machines, smart phones and toys all utilize CNC by-products.

Generally a customer brings us their requirement for piece-parts, or components for their machinery. The details are conveyed using a detailed blue print or drawing additional notations. They might need these parts because:

  • They might not be able to find the item on a catalog or as an off-the-shelf item,
  • They have special requirements,
  • Other forms of fabrication are out of the question because they need a smaller volume,
  • A molded or cast part doesn’t offer as much precision or strength,
  • They need parts ASAP!

Here at Appalachian Machines, our number one focus is on quality. As experienced technicians who offer customer CNC machines parts, we aim to meet all your precision machining needs right here. This means that engineering, prototyping, extreme volume production, inspection and testing, can all be done under our roof. We closely monitor each step of the CNC production process.

We are efficient, and well organized, with a reputation for high quality and precise work. So far, we have used CNC technology to create hundreds of unique machining tools. To attain the finished look the CNC milling machinists can be counted upon to:

  • Understand drawings and follow the qualifications
  • Put into place the necessary processes and programs using suitable systems and codes
  • Arrange for the tooling, and work pieces etc. to work on the CNC milling centre
  • Maneuver cutting conditions, depending on the materials being used
  • Keep an eye of the dimensions as well as specified tolerances
  • Enhance the production process depending on whether we are manufacturing large quantities of one part or small batches.

Would you like to learn more about our CNC machining capabilities? Please get in touch by phone at (540) 674-1914 or by email at

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