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Metal Fabrication – How to Tell a Great Shop from a Bad One?

Metal fabrication is a broad term that encompasses many processes and service, all of which are primarily concerned with molding, cutting or shaping metal into a final product. Most fabrications shops tout their capabilities for producing metal products in a variety of sizes and shapes.

However, not many of them can deliver on quality, strength and dependability of the unique metal products made by them. The truth is that quality custom metal fabrication is a highly specialized field, where output depends on many non-standard components and unique raw metals. And it takes experience and specialization to make these factors work for any job!

It is important that you work with a trustworthy custom fabrication service, one that provides the value of their design and production processes.

How to Find Dependable Custom Metal Fabrication Services

While the scope of services offered by metal fabrication shops varies from one company to other, make sure that the one you choose has the ability to help in all stages of product development, from conception to actual construction. Also, it is important that your metal fabricators have the drive to build a lasting working relationship with their clients. It might seem trivial now, but a customer-centric company strives to improve the quality of their products, to reduce defects, complaints and ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

While the cost-effectiveness is no doubt, a very viable selection criterion, it should never be the only one. Consider the following factors as well:

  • Experience & Expertise:Successful custom fabricators have many years worth of experience to back up their claims of excellence. Check out customer reviews from previous jobs before finalizing on a fabrication shop.
  • Industries Served: Some fabrication shops provide highly specialized services to handful of industries, creating a few products and designs that sell well. Others have a bigger repertoire and are willing to be more experimental and adventurous. Make sure your fabrication shop has the capabilities you need.Picture1
  • Availability of Resources:Make sure your custom metal fabrication shop has the necessary machinery and tooling capacity to ensure the quality of final products.
  • Availability of Stock Materials:Most custom metal fabricated products are made from a variety of metals, or metal alloys.  These can include aluminum, brass, gold, nickel, iron, silver, tin, titanium and a few grades of steel.
  • Finishing & Assembly Capabilities:A competent metal fabricator won’t just hand you a raw product. Instead they will take the time to detail it properly, ensuring product quality through a number of appropriate post-fabrication processes.

Appalachian Machines: Custom Metal Fabrication Experts in Blacksburg VA

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