Rover – 3063 SERIES MT

//Rover – 3063 SERIES MT
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Rover – 3063 SERIES MT

Rover 3063 SERIES lifters provide a greater range of dump height options. Also available for this unit as an add-on option: 3063-MT-6008 Auto-lock Hydraulic System for increased stability when dumping on uneven surfaces. Lifter is designed to work Toter 32/48/64/96 gallon Two-Wheel and Caster Carts only.


PartDimensions depend
on model
Load RatingDump HeightPower Supply
3063-MT-4018350 LBS41.5” – 43.5”12-volt battery (DC)
3063-MT-4020350 LBS45.5” – 47.5”12-volt battery (DC)
3063-MT-4022350 LBS49.5” – 51.5”12-volt battery (DC)
3063-MT-4024 Towable350 LBS53.5” – 55.5”12-volt battery (DC)
3063-MT-4124 Non Towable350 LBS53.5” – 55.5”12-volt battery (DC)
3063-MT-4126350 LBS57.5” – 59.5”12-volt battery (DC)
3063-MT-4128350 LBS61.5” – 64.5”12-volt battery (DC)
3063-MT-4132350 LBS69.5.” – 74.5”12-volt battery (DC)

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