Combo Lifts That Perfectly Complement Your Waste Processing Efforts

//Combo Lifts That Perfectly Complement Your Waste Processing Efforts

Combo Lifts That Perfectly Complement Your Waste Processing Efforts

According to Duke University’s Center for Sustainability and Commerce, Americans generate a whopping 220 million tons of waste each year.

Because this is such a huge number, the government and environmental corporations are working at some ways to deal with the situation.

About Waste Management

Waste management or waste processing is the collection, transportation and eventual disposal of garbage and other waste products. It is also a process in which some garbage items are recycled—to convert them into valuable resources.

From landfills to plasma gasification, there are a variety of waste management procedures.

Lift Units for Waste Management  

Lift unit have become an essential complementary aspect of waste management. They can either be used as bin-lifters attached to vehicles or can act as ‘stand-alone’ machines which can be attached to any kind of waste disposal system.

Let’s take a look at some types of lift units that can enhance your waste management efforts:

Front and Rear Lifts

These units are attached to the front or back of a vehicle or disposal system and can load garbage. They are water tight and odor resistant to ensure efficiency in disposal. They can lift bins or any other collectors and can easily empty them in the vehicle’s compactor. Their faster pickup rates can prove to be time and cost-efficient for businesses.

Underground Lifts  

These lifts contain hydraulic drives that can be installed to meet varying needs of different locations. They are specifically designed for mobile and static compactors.

Underground lifts can be perfect for busy city centers where huge waste is accumulated in a very short amount of time.

Features of Our Lift Units

Apart from offering a variety of waste handling and recycling products, we at AppalachianPicture3 Machine also provide combo lift units to make waste management easier and simpler for companies. Here are some of their features:

  • Having extensive experience of producing lift units since 1974, our engineers ensure that our products are efficient and dynamic.


  • They are safe to use for drivers and other on-site operators. Moreover, other safety features can be added depending on the clients’ needs.


  • Although all our products are painted yellow to ensure safety, we can also provide other hues and shades.


  • We offer powder coating as an additional feature.


  • Our modern combo lifts are manufactured to get rid of any kind of ANSI-approved, 32 to 96 gallon, two-wheel cart.


  • All of our products are rigorously evaluated and approved by government authorities.

Since its inception in 1985, Appalachian Machine has been providing waste management solutions to commercial clients across the United States. From recycling and garbage containers to garbage lift units, they offer all kinds of waste handling products.

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