Toter Carts: One of the Best Commercial Garbage Cans Available

//Toter Carts: One of the Best Commercial Garbage Cans Available

Toter Carts: One of the Best Commercial Garbage Cans Available

It was in the 1960s when Toter came up with their first product. Many years has been passed since then, but still Toter is doing all that it can to come with some of the best commercial garbage cans. Known as the toughest carts in the world, Toter offers a wide selection to choose from which includes caster carts, organic carts, front-load containers, stationary containers, cart lifters, lilt trucks and many other such products. But, these are not the only reason why Toter carts happen to be the most popular garbage cans. Here are the many reasons why Toter is a go-to choice for so many:

Types of garbage cans

Toter carts for residential purpose are very well-known as they get the job done and happen to be long lasting. But, Toter is also known for their garbage cans that are made for industrial, institutional and commercial use. These cans can collect, transport and ultimately dispose the collected waste product effectively. These carts are available in different sizes ranging from 24 gallon size to an impressive 96 gallon size. Toter carts even come in different colors too. So, there is an option to choose from 5 different standard colors and 9 different granite colors.

Techniques used to manufacture the carts

Another reasons to why Toter garbage cans are considered as one of the best will have to the fact that it is one of the most durable carts available in the market today. A buyer can expect their carts to last for more than 15 years. To back up this claim, all Toter products come with body warranties.

Their unique stress free and patented molding technology or Advanced Rotational Molding process is one of the reasons why their products are long-lasting. All products of Toter are made with 80% recycled steel and 50% recycled plastic which not only makes the garbage cans tough but also environment friendly.

So, these were just some of the many reasons why Toter carts are considered as the best commercial garbage cans by so many people. Besides these, there are many other benefits that Toter carts can provide.

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