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SEMI Automation for Waste Collection

Looking for a more efficient way of managing waste collection? Metal fabrication is what you’re looking for.

The semi-automated system using cart lifters and quality industrial garbage cans is the solution to increase the much-needed efficiency in the waste management industry.

Here at Appalachian Machine Inc, we design and build outstanding lifts that fit our client’s requirements, and we can provide additional safety features to our units as needed. Transitioning from the manual recycling and waste collection to the automated way of collection serves to increase efficiency in terms of time, labor and resources exponentially.

Every time and efficiency lost during the process of waste collection is equivalent to profit that is lost down the drain. If you are a hauler or a part of the waste management industry, understanding how we at Appalachian Machine Solutions can cater to your requirements is crucial to maximizing the potential for output.

Here’s how a custom created metal fabrication company might help you in the creation of a semi automated system using cart lifters and industrial garbage cans can help improve waste collection:

Increase productivity during collection – by reducing time spent in the transfer of heavy waste materials from recycling carts, industrial garbage cans to another compactor or container and by removing the burden of manual dumping and lifting.
Reduce the risk of workplace injuries.
Customizable – Regardless of your requirement in the collection process, we provide customizable lifts specific to your needs alone. We’ll make sure to provide you with an efficient and economical lift system that’s compatible to your trucks and carts.
Reduce environmental damage.

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