Commercial Recycling – The Right Products for the Job!

//Commercial Recycling – The Right Products for the Job!

Commercial Recycling – The Right Products for the Job!

Commercial waste management is a task that only few companies take o11111111111111Picture1n. There are different types of waste which require different treatment. Choosing the wrong process can create a huge mess.

But that’s not where the process starts. In fact, the first step is collecting the waste in the right cart and lifting the cart with the right lifting equipment.

Streamlined recycling requires top quality products, designed for specific trash type! At Appalachian Machine Inc. you can find both the right commercial garbage cans and lift units. Here are a few of our most in-demand products:

Commercial waste carts and bins

Our industrial waste recycling containers are manufactured with Toter technology, strong enough to meet all sorts of waste collection needs. These carts and bins are compact and fire-safe, made for commercial and industrial use.

Their convenient design integrates reliable casters, making them a cost-effective choice. Some of the popular products include:

Medical waste carts: These are designed for safe and secure collection of medical waste. Featuring smooth interior walls, these carts ensure easy disinfection and cleaning. They are available in various sizes, so you can find one for normal and heavy loads.

E-waste carts: A new home for unwanted IT equipment, e-waste carts are unique as they offer a portable and durable depository for hard drives, batteries, cell phones and more. Locked lids make them highly secured, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Commercial lift units

We have been designing these units for over 40 years now! With our experience in the industry, we assure you’ll get only the best units. If you need specific safety features- they can be a122222222222Picture1dded too!

We even offer powder coating which is recommended for outdoor lift units. Purchase these units as stand-alone products or along with your existing compactors.

The global dumper: Units 3065 CS Series MT and ST are designed to handle ANSI cans of 32 to 96 gallons. Both units work well with two-wheel carts as well as caster carts.

Eclipse – Twin Post High Lift: This one is a versatile unit, which works well as a fork or pan lifter. It can be customized to dump two units in one go. This is our highest reaching lifter, reaching from 4 to 20 feet.

That’s not all! We have tons of other bins and lifters to match all of your waste recycling needs. We even offer customized waste management solutions to improve application efficiency. Call us right away to learn more or ask for a quote online!

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