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Want to find the best machining and metal fabrication solutions for your waste management concerns? Since no company is the same in the industry of metal fabrication and machining, it’s important that you know where to start looking for the best company that will address your concerns and requirements. Services vary from one company to [...]

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Benefits of Local Metal Fabrication

Though the Internet is the most convenient and accessible means to access trash carts and decorative garbage cans, local metal fabrication is still the best option. If you want to have high-quality metal fabrication products that have your specifications, you should work with local metal fabricators. With their help, you can touch and see the [...]

SEMI Automation for Waste Collection

Looking for a more efficient way of managing waste collection? Metal fabrication is what you're looking for. The semi-automated system using cart lifters and quality industrial garbage cans is the solution to increase the much-needed efficiency in the waste management industry. Here at Appalachian Machine Inc, we design and build outstanding lifts that fit our [...]

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