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Secure Document Management Carts

Toter’s document management carts are designed specifically for protecting some of an organiza- tion’s most valuable assets – its confidential materials. Businesses must ensure that sensitive
or confidential documents and private information are protected from misuse, identity theft, and loss, and Toter’s document management carts are a great solution. Locking lids keep confidential documents securely contained.


PartSizeDimensions (L x W x H)Wheel SizeLoad Rating
CDA6464 Gallons32.00” x 24.25” x 42.00”10”224 lbs. / 101.6 kg
CDC64*64 Gallons32.00” x 24.25”x 44.50”Wheel 10” / Caster 4”224 lbs. / 101.6 kg
CDA9696 Gallons36.00” x 29.75” x 43.50”10”335 lbs. / 152 kg
CDC96*96 Gallons36.00” x 29.75” x 46.13”Wheel 10” / Caster 4”335 lbs. / 152.0 kg

*Factory-installed pull-bar available (5860-50-0002)

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