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E-Waste Carts

Managing, sorting, and recycling e-waste and unwanted IT equipment can be extremely cumbersome, and no company can risk electronic documents ending up in the wrong hands. Toter’s portable electronic waste carts are durable, secure depositories for e-waste like hard drives, cell phones, batteries, and more. They are secured with locking lids to keep e-waste locked inside, and provide peace of mind when it comes to privacy and confidentiality.


PartSizeDimensions (L x W x H)Wheel SizeLoad Rating
CDA6464 Gallons32.00” x 24.25” x 42.00”10”224 lbs. / 101.6 kg
CDC64*64 Gallons32.00” x 24.25”x 44.50”Wheel 10” / Caster 4”224 lbs. / 101.6 kg
CDA9696 Gallons36.00” x 29.75” x 43.50”10”335 lbs. / 152 kg
CDC96*96 Gallons36.00” x 29.75” x 46.13”Wheel 10” / Caster 4”335 lbs. / 152 kg

*Factory-installed pull-bar available (5860-50-0002)

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