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At Appalachian Machine Inc., we are committed to providing the best of machining and fabricating solutions to your waste management requirements through stringent quality standards and high engineering precision.

Appalachian Machine Inc. is one of the top product and service providers of waste management solutions to cater to your industry requirements. With more than 30 years of operating in the industry, we know first-hand the preferences and solutions required by companies to effectively manage waste to help cut costs and maximize output efficiency.

We have expanded our specialties from a company that has gone beyond conventional waste management products and services to provide effective engineering solutions through our fabrication shops and machine shops , as well as our range of trash cart lifters and commercial garbage cans.

At Appalachian Machine Inc., we’re very proud of our reputation in the waste management industry. In business since 1985, we are a veteran-owned-and-operated company and we pride ourselves on unmatched services and products. Our specialties extend well beyond waste management solutions to include:

  • Manufacturing engineering solutions
  • CNC/manual machining
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Fixtures
  • Gauges
  • Powder coating
  • Assembly

Our Mission and Values

We as a company are firm believers in upholding strong core values and mission objectives as a contributor to our success and learning in the waste management industry. Founded and owned by veterans, we champion values of discipline, commitment, effort, precision, and commercial awareness, all of which we strive to reflect in our manufacturing processes, as well as our variety of products and services.

In addition to our veteran-inspired values, we also embrace attention to detail, continuous improvement, and process and end product efficiency to ensure all our products are designed to exact specifications and requirements.

With more than 30 years in the industry, we strive to become the topmost reliable and customer-focused supplier of waste management solutions industry, increase our clientele base across multiple industries, and expand our considerable success and achievements in our field to greater proportions.

The Highest-Quality Products Available

We’re proud to offer clients standardized and easily customizable lift units to meet their needs. Approximately ninety-five percent of the units we build are custom, and we utilize only the highest-quality materials available. Lift units may be built to dump containers from 32 gallon to 2 ½ yards in assorted shapes and sizes, and they can range from ground level to 12 feet dump height. Additionally, each and every hydraulic and electrical component is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Extensive Product and Service Portfolio

Our extensive product and service portfolio is a reflection of our commitment to excellent and customer focus. We ensure all products and services are offered to clients with integrity and professionalism to achieve high customer sales and loyalty.


 machine shop

is equipped to provide an array of specific engineering solutions for every manufacturing issue and problem experienced by our clients. Our

 machine shop

staff has more than a decade’s worth of experience in ensuring all equipments and products are built and produced to precise specifications.

We also offer customizable and standardized

 trash cart lifters

using the highest quality of materials and processes, which are capable of dumping high-capacity containers between 32 gallons and 2.5 years in various shapes and dimensions.

Universal mobile lifters, 96 gallon trash cans, and commercial lifters are also among the products we serve.

Our consistent approach to maximizing quality ensures that each electrical and hydraulic component produced from

 trash cart lifters

is able to withstand the rigorous wear and tear of outdoor use for long-life performance and reliability.

In addition to our

 machine shop

and customized

 trash cart lifters

we also utilize a

 fabrication shop

to prototype a range of hydraulic tables and autoclaves and other fabrication work particularly for the aeronautic industry. All of our products and services are offered through meticulous quality standards to suit multiple industries.

Quality Industry Standards

At Appalachian Machines Inc. we recognize the considerable role of utilizing advanced machinery and capital-intensive work practices to deliver highly efficient products and services. We maintain our vision of providing effective engineering solutions by ensuring all our equipments and solutions are geared to stringent quality standards and specifications.

Whether it is for our

 fabrication shop

, the design and manufacturing of

 decorative garbage cans


 trash carts

, we give unprecedented importance to ensuring each components of our manufacturing assembly line and operation processes are streamlined and seamless.

Through our relentless pursuit of process efficiency and customer satisfaction, we have acquired an array of core competencies and competitive advantages that help us meet client’s expectations and requirements with greater accuracy and satisfaction.

Furthermore, we also attach significant important to using the latest tools and software technology offer products and services of immeasurable quality, such as the 2016 AutoCAD software, surface grinders, manual lathes, vtl centers, and more. This gives us incredible prowess and confidence to satisfy client’s needs and continue to supply excellent waste management solutions.

Our Commitment to Safety

Regardless of whether it is fabrication shop services, universal mobile lifters, or customized trash carts, we ensure each and every aspect of our production and manufacturing from concept and design to the end manufactured product undergoes through a reliable framework and process to ensure safety to both our employees and our customers.

Through our diligent efforts to pursue continuous improvement, we identify and resolve the slightest hindrance in our design and manufacturing processes to minimize damage to equipments and personnel. With our strict safety criterion, we are quickly able to get to the root of the problem and suggest and execute improvement through our employee brainstorming meetings.

Furthermore, each activity is quality checked through our specialist and experienced supervisors to ensure all products and services are performed with considerable safety.

Our Clients

At Appalachian Machines Inc, our persistent approach to quality assurance and quality service has enabled us to win clients across a range of industries and sectors that builds our credibility in the waste management industry.

Our more than three decades’ of experience has granted us sufficient insights into the needs and preferences of our clients. This has given us tremendous leverage into meeting client’s needs and expectations with unmatched excellence and accuracy.

As a result, our waste management solutions have won us clients from industries as diverse from car and drinks manufacturing to education and retail.